We Aren't Cluckin' Around!
State College's 2nd Annual Cranksgiving Will Be November 7th, 2020!!

Cranksgiving 2020 News and Information

We are currently working the complete event details.
Artwork is in, and graphics are being made.
More details starting October 1st.

Notes for this year so far:
• Masks will be required, around event area.
• We will be using the parking lot at Videon Central. Our main goal will be to get people in and out quickly, and safely.
• Will not have access to bathroom facilities at this time. Park restrooms most likely will be closed for Winter. Go before you leave. Store restrooms are open.
• Event will be more virtual, so it is highly recommended you have a cellphone!
• There is no afterparty this year.

"The World's Largest Pedal Powered Food Drive!"

Statistics from State College Cranksgiving 2019

1,000+ Food Items
1,000+ Pounds of Food
$2,000+ in Food Donations
75 Participants
1 Clean Up on Aisle 3
1 of 9 Cranksgivings in PA
PA had the most Cranksgivings

See Our 1st Annual Cranksgiving Website

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